Some Projects by TP

A mixture of electronics and software projects.

Light Painting Like the Nerd I am

So I enjoy photography, I also enjoy RGB LEDs, I also enjoy raspberry Pis. This project was to scratch all three itches at the same time. The WS2812B LED Strip (2.5 metres long), is connected to a raspberry Pi, which flashes the “columns” of an image, one column at a time. When this is “dragged” […]

Featured On!

I wrote a guide on how I hacked an RGB floodlight that was featured on It can be viewed here: The project involved stripping down an LED floodlight, finding the PWM input pins, and inserting a custom ESP-12 chip running some custom firmware to control it. For some reason I decided on a […]

RGBW LED Controller

The goal was this: create a circuit that could interface with any system and could control any LED (well, constant voltage LED…). This was accomplished using an ESP-12 Wifi module in a custom circuit board, manufactured by LCSC electronics and assembled at home on the bench. The controller can connect to any system capable of […]

Nixie Tube Clock from Old Dynamometer

Sometimes I like to make something just because, and it turned out to look absolutely amazing. After being inspired by a similar looking table lamp, I wanted a unique way of telling the time. Nixie tubes run on very high voltages, so this one was a little outside the ELV safety realm. This project used […]

Haringey Mind Poem Display

Final piece before delivery to gallery.

This project was a pro bono piece, an exhibition for Mind in Haringey, a mental health charity. The spec was to display a poetry reading, which included seven different video streams perfectly synchronized to showcase a spoken word performance. In order to achieve this, we used seven raspberry pis to each output one of the […]

The Turing Test

“The Turing test, developed by Alan Turing in 1950, is a test of a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.” – Wikipedia

Seven Sounds of Silence

This was a commission for a group of artists for an exhibition in Soho. The story behind the piece is one of a fictional character who suffered hearing damage in a rail road construction project in the US of A. After the accident, he travelled America in search of perfect silence, and he brought his […]