Light Painting Stick of 288 LEDs

The premise is simple, long exposure photography plus addressable LED strips = magic

So I enjoy photography, I also enjoy RGB LEDs, I also enjoy raspberry Pis. This project was to scratch all three itches at the same time.

The WS2812B LED Strip (2.5 metres long), is connected to a raspberry Pi, which flashes the “columns” of an image, one column at a time.

When this is “dragged” across the frame of a long exposure image, it projects the image to the sensor of the camera, and creates some wonderful looking photos.

I started this project within a few days of leaving my previous residence, and let’s just say not to mix an obsession with packing stuff into moving boxes.

My “Love” portrait of our old flat is a tribute of that place where my wife and I shared many happy memories.

Photorealistic imagery is possible

Merry Christmas

Merry xmas 18

Bench Test (not moving)

Bench Test (moving the camera)

Buttons to choose animation, speed up or slow down the animation and start the animation (reverse side).