Seven Sounds of Silence

A unique project to display coordinates on a map and play back audio clips. With no microcontroller *gulp*

This was a commission for a group of artists for an exhibition in Soho.

The story behind the piece is one of a fictional character who suffered hearing damage in a rail road construction project in the US of A.

After the accident, he travelled America in search of perfect silence, and he brought his tape recorder.

The spec for me was to rig up some retro phone handsets and when they were lifted, to play back a recording of an actor introducing the recorded silence, and then playback the “recorded silence”.

Also when the “listener” of the “silence” picked up the handset, they could press a button to view the recordings location on a map.

This was all achieved without microcontrollers or any software of any kind.

Built prototype that won the project.

Innards of prototype.

The most cost effective solution: eBay mp3 players!

mp3 players assemble!

Map section under construction

Phone and Button enclosure under construction

Finished Product