The Seven Sounds of Silence was a piece dreamed up by The Connor Brothers in which a man named Edwin Hall, akin to Phineas Gage, has damaged his hearing in a rail road accident, and loud noises now cause him serious discomfort.

Then our protagonist started to travel across America with a tape recorder trying to capture perfect silence.

This piece is designed to display his recordings of silence. When an observer approaches the exhibit, they will pick up an antique-style phone handset and hear an introduction to the recording followed by the recording of the silence captured by Edwin. The observer can also push a brass button to light up the location of the recording on the companion map.

To keep costs low, this project was built using several budget MP3 players. The antique-style phones came with a cradle that acted as a perfect normally open switch (normally being when the handset is down, button pressed i.e. reversed). When the handset is lifted, the switch makes contact, providing power to the MP3 players and thus causing the file to play.

The piece was finished in 2014 and I am proud to say it is still functioning today.